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Jinjer Vocals : Tatiana Shmailyuk
Guitar : Roman Ibramkhalilov
Bassguitar : Eugene Kostyuk
Drums : Dmitriy Kim
JINJER is a Ukrainian female fronted band which plays a mixture of progressive metalcore and groove metal, with some inlays of funk, reggae and jazz, though on their second LP the band is shifting a bit to death metal of the European school according to band members. JINJER were formed in 2010, when Tatiana Shmailyuk joined the guys as a vocalist. In 2013, the band were acknowledged as the best metal band of the year in Ukraine. JINJER are often mistakenly compared to Iwrestledabearonce, Straight Line Stitch, Arch Enemy, etc. Which is completely wrong, as members of JINJER, being asked about their influences, always name such bands as Lamb of God, Pantera, Gojira, Killswitch Engage, Death, Chimaira, All Shall Perish, Protest the Hero. However, Tatiana says that she really appreciates Sandra from Guano Apes and Shamaya from Otep for being her biggest inspirations as a female metal vocalist. She also mentions Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth and Randy Blythe from LOG

Albumok :

King Of Everything (2016)
Jinjer - King Of Everything1.Prologue 
2.Captain Clock 
3.Words Of Wisdom 
4.Just Another 
5.I Speak Astronomy 
6.Sit Stay Roll Over 
7.Under The Dome 
9.Beggars` Dance 

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