1349 - Chasing Dragons Chasing Dragons (Üldöző sárkányok) I am chasing dragons Seeking the primal state of mind Filling my veins with venomous lust Awakening the beast inside Seeking no meaning only feeling Entering the shape of the beholder And get ready to fight An overwhelming attack of emotionless fury Seek to trigger the fright inside Conquer your fears and kill your courage A mind seeking mission is on stake Exploration of strength In mind, body and heart An ultimate test of the presence of your being Not to think Only act on instincts while you steer into the face of your possible death Sharpens you to the utter limits of consenus So close but yet so far in presence of this observation Viewing this fight through primal eyes Felling neither good nor bad A state of carelessness is what I am feeling The pleasure of ultimate pain Is sending warning light flashes Of inational behavior not humanly accepted But humanity is no longer an issue Inational feelings are non-existing The only reality is the ongoing fight Coldness and grimness swarms to my blood Regaining strength to fight on When all the pain is gone and the wounds are healed The awakening of a new chase is on for the strong From beyond I have traveled and to the end I will see Enter the dragon Causing its will to be mine Pay the price of immortality and achieve victory to the mind But the battle rages on.. http://rockerek.hu/