After The Burial - Cursing Akenaten Awaken, ruinous fiend of early generations. Your rotting corpse is restored. Straighten your limbs, brush off the dust, withered bandages restrain you no more. Severed heads accent the gates, bones emerge from the sands, proof of your reign remains. I, your Liege, now command your rule again. The sun burns through the skin, boiling vital organs within. But the god's can't destroy my cursed, blackened heart. Appeasing the thirst of the damned, mocking the praised ones. The sand soaks the blood, the blood flows like wine, send death from above. Locusts and famine engulfing your race, my savagery knows no end. At the price of all your lives, I destroy your kind, death by my hand. Sands blowing across cursed lands will consume the evidence of your ancient existence. The Earth is now black from the torment I have set upon it. All shall bow, serve, and praise thy name.