All Shall Perish - Better Living Through Catastrophe Fuck everything you ever told me You were the one I trusted in I was so blind Cut out my eyes for fear the sight These broken pieces of a life I tried to hide I tried to hide In this is all I find.... (All I find) I'm... gone... forsaken (I'm... gone... forsaken) Inside a sullen tomb (Sullen tomb) Retrace this life (Retrace this life) And slowly you will understand (This reckoning) This reckoning is regaining power (Power) Living through the catastrophe A horrid lapse of senses We feed a mouth that should not eat We've gone too far replenished on the weak I can't decide if we have leapt Or if we are falling You'll choke on your lies It's my only promise Disgraced me but I'll rise It's time to regain my pride Rest assure I'll make a place Cleansed free of torment Turn away again this pain Shall remain forgotten I wish I wish that some day you will be the one The one to be withered and dying along I wish that some day you will be the one