All Shall Perish - Eradication Leading the tables turn As we fail not to create A false sense of eradication To revel in, seperation I detest this life Inching but seeming to end this life Surprising your neurons its all with time That meaning will creep inside Much sooner you will find You'll find you're closer, closer to the fucking fight Closer to the fucking fight Fire it's depleting but the spark will soon Rekindle all that truly recedes I have no place to show you it will come trust me You soon shall see I wish that our lives weren't The facade they seem to be Some how the purpose was just lost for me Left to your discretion You decide... your only way Don't let the oppression Manipulate your only way I surrender at my leisure to the maker of displeasure Leading the times have turned to show the Mass decay of your will to fight In seperation only to see eradication