All Shall Perish - Laid to Rest For every minute I have wasted upon you and All the days that i have spent trying to destroy You you had cursed me in those days in The ways that always had me..... led astray From my convictions from what i had built What the fuck are you..... to me now nothing You are just...time that never should have Been erase this wasted time in my life.... never Fucking should have been no more empty Words or worthless thoughts on you just a lesson Just a warning.... fuck the price that had to be paid Just a lesson just a warning..... fuck the price paid To be hated eternally... tell me... was it all worth it? I lived those days closing my eyes to the Decay around me time's grasp set in to me Your grasp wont follow me to the grave You are laid to rest for the rest of your Life remember this.... You are Laid to Rest.