All Shall Perish - Stabbing to Purge Dissimulation How Have you lost touch with This You Are a lie your digging such a grave Gimmicks sell but what's the cost of this You make me cringe to think that this is to become their place where The Judgement ends And now betrayed is where they lay. Letting hatred build the falling of your system It's their turn to send you flailing and burning into hellish Dissention. Loathesome talent Fleeting Rehashed bullshit makes you all not worth a piss... Bound in your false pretense We laugh at this as it slowly becomes your end It's how... It's how you live the end Can't believe how you have lost touch with this They mourn the loss of valiant fools all glam and glitz Come back, last chance to take a useful stance Instead of just saying to say things that you biggots wish for but won't Ever have No chance They are the Ones who bring life to us Fucking Family How could you betray them What money Tied with your platinum chains Fuck, you're cheap Bought for a few pennies Now you're all just empty Fucking souless machines From Rip you apart As they scurry around at your feet Leave you to wither as if you ever meant anything Your death Gives breath For new breeds They'll crawl Back into the new hope for all Left You forgotten while you lay there rotting Back at your burial ground Back at your burial ground