Animosity - Operating From The Ditch Itā��s sick, operating from this ditch. It boggles my mind we still have to put up with this shit. We have been dragging for years. And if words mean nothing then why are we talking. So many times I wish I had the strength to turn around walking. Itā��s beyond an injustice, the way that we are trampled and it still blows my mind. Just save your sleepless nights of abuse and binges for when I need you the most so I can regret my faith in you. Now my heart is pounding at the sight of your stupid glass eyes. Canā��t see straight, canā��t walk straight, canā��t live straight. You just spit in my face knowing that Iā��ll be there tomorrow to drag you along. Youā��re a liar, and you are taking years off my life. Jaw clinched tight even long after you are out of sight. Prove me wrong, if prove me wrong then I would gladly forget all about this song. But somehow you continue to surprise me. How long can I sustain this? Dysfunction leaving me brainless. Scornful derision is the message your sending. A throat full of curses is inevitably pending. You canā��t hide shit from me, thatā��s ridiculous. Try to play it off you canā��t be serious. I wish there was a way out. Got to find a way to cure whatā��s inside of you. I am having dreams at night of my hands violently wrapped around your neck, and I want to return the pain. Itā��s hard to believe where I have placed my priorities in life knowing who you really are. I am just glad that Iā��m not you, and I will never be like you. I got my guard up for another let down, and sadly enough it prefaces your name. And here we are again. You make it so hard to just be proud of my self, sooner than later I might just be somebody else. Take a look at yourself.