As Blood Runs Black - King of Thieves Reclaim the kingdom that we all have built! With our own calloused and broken hands We've tried (WE'VE TRIED!) to mend the cracks But it's slowly becoming a erect dystopia ...Like leeches extracting from the harvest Depleting our resources They keep taking away! Enslaved in our own kingdom We feed the King Of Thieves - Seek Liberation We keep giving the gift of blood And sweat for nothing A stab in the back Forever Imprisoned!!!!!! A disgrace to the domain you keep An embarrassment to the throne You left us with no choice We must overthrow - Take the crown!! We are past the point of understanding No longer under your reign of corruption! We will not serve you! Never again allowed to hold us back It's your choice, It's your choice to abide or Watch the world pass you by False pretenses only makes you blind It's only making you blind.