Blind Guardian - Journey Through the Dark Many songs I've written About the things I saw My inner soul's a wasteland I can't run away from here Try to find them All the lost thoughts in my mind I woke up on a hill So many times before Yesterday seems like a dream no more Frozen memories laughing They don't let me find the truth Am I born to be a king Or a jester of the fools Ref.: You're the mystical old bard on your journey through the dark Mystical old bard Your journey through the dark I can't remember my name I never knew how to find my home I can't remember my name come tell me where will it end I'm the chosen one To perform all these things But not for me In illusions and reality I'm on my journey through the dark I'm on my journey through the dark Ref. (Solo) I can't remember Will I ever find myself The distance is growing My hope has gone away A flash of light but nothing changes When will it end Which part of me remains Soon I'll be back On my ferryboat of tales Where oblivion reigns It will take all of me Ref.