Cannibal Corpse - Beyond the Cemetery Nude and violated I raped the life from her body Lying dead the insects bite her pale skin My marks of torture Left on my daughter Body badly beaten I remember My ropes and chains bruised her arms and legs I wiped her blood on my face her tender body I disgraced Slow strangulation her neck twisted and broken Abdominal lacerations Blood pouring from Abrasions Control of the mind feelings left behind dreaming inner hate I create an alternate state of the grave Scared to death homicidal premonitions horror fills you As your soul is ripped from you Dreaming my dream of death I cast the spell Intertwine your mind with mine Dreams become reality Enhancing the imagination Murder is my infatuation Killing off generations Families torn to pieces but the one they love Possessed by another My pleasure is to murder Entering your dreams through my spell they will bleed Night after night Reoccurring killings Sleep Someone wake me from this nightmare I've become my darkest fear Awaken to the sight of your hacked up family their spirits are trapped beyond the cemetery Bodies rotting, but I'm not sleeping Scream you're not dreaming Someone wake me form this nightmare I've become my darkest fear Came to life in my mind A world of darkness forever sleeping in this coffin Eternally dreaming Forever sleeping in this coffin Eternally dreaming