Cannibal Corpse - Buried in the Backyard To kill, is why I live My God, gives eternal life Slice you, I watch your blood flow Rotten brains, I feed 'till I'm full Pressure building, the body starts to swell The souls of my victims brings me great power Feasting on flesh by the hour Lungs explode as I cave in your chest Probing through your organs - searching for meat Chewing the heart of my kill builds by evil will Bodies emptied of blood to fill my sacrificial chalice I stalk my prey at night, I need to kill tonight To strengthen my evil soul, those that I kill worship me below I am your worst reality, pain and torture of humanity Violent ways of insanity, there is no end to this cruelty In my grasp, I'll kill you fast, I'll send your soul to hell Butchery of Human beings is the only life I know My armies of zombies will inherit the earth, and answer to my spells Mutilated the human race in search for immortals I drag the carcass home, it feels stiff and cold Incantation of the devil to rob it of its soul Consume the lifeless cadaver, I drink your blackened blood Its death flows through my body, indulge in its pain Crucifixion in the cemetery, awakes the dead from their sleep Rising from their graves, to devour the weakened mortals Under my control, I own their tortured souls