Cannibal Corpse - Gutted A tale of the deranged, this savage brutal being A shocking way of life living on human offspring Murder of the innocent, His pale grey face: expressionless Horrid dismemberment One persons tortures, is another’s pleasure Malformation, a diseased brain Unsuspecting, slowly dying, As his knife invades the child, Screams of pain, no one hears Blood splotches now appear, Ecstasy through each cut, Now the body twitches The gutted little torso ready to be cooked Isolated in his own mind The need to kill now possesses His body self mutilated Between killings, ejaculation, Cut off appendages Of former victims, Sexual violence satisfaction Disembodied corpses, spewing gore On his body, soaked with their fluids, Various Digestive parts and assorted meats Plunging his fist down the throat, Ripping out The guts, internal extraction The entire body bleeding The heart stops pumping The child lying dead, just another gutted infant To satisfy his hunger, temptations of the flesh Voracious appetite Killing to release pure souls to the heavens Justification of his killing Self-torture Stiffening pain He sees the faces of the dead Guts are strewn from the children Splintered bones, poke through skin Gratification through castration Roasting parts for consumption