Cannibal Corpse - Post Mortal Ejaculation Suffering my only need now is to hang the rope does swing, hanging from the darkened ceiling Strangling, dangling from my twisted spine I knew I would enjoy death more than life My lids close tight, but the light blinds my eyes My body grows cold - my cock becomes erect Watching over my dead shell, from beyond in my own hell Caught between life and death, even though my body's dead I still feel the touch of flesh Given the choice to die or live dead Purgatory my damnation Climaxing at the resurrection Adipocere spurts from my erection Manifested in my rotted body Unpure spirit, dead among mortals I have risen from self-murder Only to rot and kill to break the necks of young women their cunts my pus will fill Acid burning through her crotch I baptize her face with my rot Then venom foams from her throat On my discharge she will choke Pulsation, my heart begins to beat Heaving, goiters start to secrete caustic odor, steaming gruel wallow in my infected drool Swollen pussing gashes Start to reek Puncture wounds in the back hacked up limbs, bones now crack Skin fillet from your face Breasts gouged out I fuck with your chest