Cradle of Filth - Funeral In Carpathia Candelabra snuffed prey - silhouette wedded Nightfall take my hand Seduce me with silky timbred limbs Grant me thy dark command Over the peaks framing tapestries Of thick forest, dusk has filled With Lucifugous kisses enwreathed in mist Creeping like violations from the shadows to kill Lucretia is my love in vein When thy tears bleed sweeter Thank the midsummer rain? Bewinged, infested belfries Toll o'er the sobbing throng A writhe of lethargic, terrored nudes Whipped and welted neath the barbed windsong.... (in saddean paradise Ancestral legacies linger on....) I am He The crowned and conquering darkness Satan robed in ecumenical filth Livid Bacchus sustained by bridal echelons of sylph This wintry eve when the snow glistens deep And sharpened turrets wed the jewelless skies I shrug off the shroud of preternatural sleep Enbroided by these words Malaresia scribed.... "Beauty slept and angels wept For Her immortal soul In this repose, all evil chose To claim her for their very own" Carpathia The pleasured dead speak of her In necromantic tongue When ambered daylights are done Masterbating in their graves On her zenith to come.... This catafalque night when awed stars report Their absence from the heavenly brow Crippled seraph shalt cower in illustrious courts Whilsts the cloaked maelstrom resounds throughout "How the storm it fulfills My heart though unhealed Celestial knifes ebonied And wild woods thrill Yet far fiercer still Her lustre eviscerates me" Carpathia Priapic lovers twist in concert with Her Covenants are struck, jagged lightning fellates The path towards the castle weary innocence takes I rule as Master here Where feral hordes impart my temper Love sank wounded when I, betrayed saw death etch cruelly, upon my lineage "Usher the spite seething Draconist And commit this world to thy ancient sovereignty" Erunescent veil descend Psalmed sunset thus portends And laid to rest, I now am blessed With this darkness.... Forever more Supreme Vampiric Evil