Cradle of Filth - Of Mist And Midnight Skies We, the nocturnal few bound by other laws to the service of the enemies of god are silent and hidden yet our exquisite fire burns on poised to engulf... Tie a man to his god he may not walk for fear of falling foul to temptation where once faith stood her ground Renounce the guilt, ignite the flame cast the fetid virgin back from where she came drink deep of the promise in my eyes... of mist and midnight skies I drown in fathomless dreams and in the reeking mire of virtue scream I yearn to sell my very soul (And you shall for none so dark & sinister will arise to embrace the Arts) Do What Thou Wilt until the stones in my heart stand still regardless of the cost to your repugnant god The last May frost may blight the crops and will never be ascribed to be heavenly dog or nature, but infernal tasks... "By your cursings and imprecations you wrong both Man & beast by whatever whim you serve of the Devil your leige" Tie belief to the trinity, and seven ways will be wrought to condemn thee conspiring to cull the pagan ways Twist back their lies, personify their needs the war begins by Satanic decree if Evil we be, we will our lives... To mist and midnight skies (I will avenge the deaths of a thousand burning children) Be bound to a covenant with us in our hellish league and bring the host of the Nazarene to their knees breath the life of an entity never-born darkness now descend in raven form the words, the burning rasp, vibrate the cosmic thread Arcturus is risen Queen, hold forth the severed head to me I pour my lovelorn kisses at your feet raper of all my worldly enemies Lycanthropy, please poison me send accusal instincts crawling my brain take me, Mistress, until perversion is fed Dark Magick pleasures weaved under the jewelled moon-head the cross-stick will fade when the usurper hangs for now we congregate where once my angel sang That night they came and took her away from me I lost the woman I loved and I learned how to curse and to spit in the face of their... "god" We will ride again in the midnight skies