Demonlord - She Lies She, she got this smile She kills you with her eyes She turns you inside out Nothing's impossible for her She got your life She moved into your mind There's no turning back She's so irresistable Right now, You forget to run for another one She's the only one in sight You lost the game You’re hipnotized You drink the lies You’re sinking in The demon within When she talks She lies When she gives You'll get nothing She cries And you give When she leaves You’ll have nothing Now you slowly realize She keeps you mesmerized You wanted to do it right She was your only one Man, she had the skills She’s gone with your dreams Left no falling tears But emptiness in your heart She gets what she needs Doesn’t care what you feel When you’ll get nothing She'll be laughing Its her game that you play She knows what to say You know what’s coming You’ll get nothing