Depths of Desecration - Emptied out Born from pain into an unpure world That deserves all madness it caused Never asked for the claws of time that Rape my mind every day Ripped off by my own thoughts that are Hiding me behind fake maskes All my soul is sold for them who Leave all of me fading away Bridge: i'm still alive 'cause shadows guard me Pushing me every day Keeping me away from getting Emptied out with all I am Ref: All my actions are followed by eyes shut Deep inside me there's nothing more to steal All I see is angel-winged debauchers Isolated alone just like me Not all questions has it's answers Most have never been asked before Why do I always have to destroy Everything I do adore? My heart sees love only throught lust And caring throught the children's cry Lost in an eye that never stared at me And stayed silent 'till the last goodbye