Depths of Desecration - End of Slavery You think you’re the chosen Better than average Noone can reach you You’re wasting your time with life Fictions of the power still live Strongly in your soul Hiding from the world fear of what You can’t control Plastic dreams of perfection won’t Let you stay awake Rules are written by you, you get What you can take Ref: Hear the voice of all you fear of Southing your damn name. Hear the cries of all you killed Thousands of who suffer one day Takes back all they need War on the streets coming soon Count down has begun Your time ends so fast The dreams that you destroyed Will soon take revenge The future is darkened enough The faith keeps us alive We got too much of slavery, We’re not ants in hives No laws and no money can be Excuse for your sins Nothing can protect you, mankind’s The nature wins Refrain Bridge: I-Will-Be-The pain that you must feel Dark-Days-Reach-You on your two Kneels Neither-Violence-Nor-Revenge shows mercy What-Once-Was hidden-Now just wants you to die