Dimmu Borgir - Heavenly Perverse Devoted to your own opiate In escapades from discontentment Are you shutting off from the outside world To reflect on your mind shallow gutter? For this is your empire, this is your intrigue Here you own them all, here you seal the deed Contaminated from the spree of self salvation To keep the fever flowing in the veins Prominently manipulating heaven and hell Does your sophistically discreet interlude Maintain stories not to be revealed? In your search for redemption Greed and lies become the savior Through the lecherous eyes disgust withstand For are not these the windows to your soul? Fatherly fornication of sweat lips in dismay Repeatedly unlocking the vaults to the holocaust The dormant prodigy seeks it's reason for rebirth But it will never, never gain the strength A surrender in superficial scorn The rape of an ever unborn Seeds have been planted in the name of the son Until this day, ungodliness is yet to be gone Sacramental suicide amidst the flow of virgin vine The only way to comfort the defeat [repeat 6th verse] Regrets can no longer find it's ways Streams of innocent bitter tears flowing down the drain Mirrored in the haze of a partaker's eyes http://rockerek.hu/