Dimmu Borgir - The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance With hearts of midnight, brightened by his infernal light We stand as a monolith of wrath, united under the goat of a thousand young Two horns thrust upwards in defiance, three inverted as the trinity denied A phalanx of mourners in black, falling towards nightly terror Unleash the tempted beast, raised your horns in prideful blasphemy I'll be your guide into the glorious darkness, and enchant you like a taste of sin Unleash the tempted beast, chant there on in words of blazing scorn Grant me my dark desires, strengthened through the power of Satan Take pleasure in the torment of the wretched And rejoice in the delight of the flesh Behold the face of Satan And walk the fields of erotic fire Hunt the heavens... Godless tempted beckon Through gleaming scapes of horrid nightmare Gathered between symbols and signs A glow of new light is born out of the night Give into your lust and carnal desires - in twisted blood-dripping ecstasy In the name of Satan - I lead you into temptation http://rockerek.hu/