Drowning Pool - King Zero Pocket full of dreams and a head full of nightmares No man is gonna kick me off my high chair No heroin or, or cocaine Just need a spark to keep this level headed trip clean I got everything I need A triple dose of what your god bleeds I'm not breaking, your worlds just shaking How does it feel down on your knees I am who I am I'm King Zero I'm King Zero I am who I am King Zeroin this land of nothing So much suffering In my land of nothing Eyes of glass and a hand full of my cares Make the rules change 'em up as I dare No second chance or a second glance Cross me feel the fist behind my rule Shootin' stars sippin' kerosene With every shot I see everything I need If I can dream it, then I can be it I am baby all I need Refrain I'll roll you over, just as fast as I can I'll roll you over, like the son of Sam I'll roll you over, baby here I am I'll roll you over Refrain So much suffering In my land of nothing So much suffering In the end there's nothing! http://rockerek.hu/