Ensiferum - Into Battle We left our homes behind, now we're following the wolves' trail Through the deepest forests, beneath the stars we ride I can see the moon glowing red like the blood of warriors There's a prophecy, that tonight many men will die The fire will burn forever in our passionate hearts Our destinies are calling us now We are ready to take their lives Into battle we ride with Gods by our side We are strong and not afraid to die We have an urge to kill and our lust for blood has to be fulfilled WE'LL FIGHT TILL THE END! And send our enemies straight to Hell! Prominent leaders, cast your swords in the wind as a sign of war Men, prepare for death, 'cause we might never return Blood will spill and heads will fall As the swords sparkle, lights the night The ground rumbles as we attack In the throes of rage, we will fight The lightning's flash, the thunder's roar Will petrify the weak We'll show no mercy, we'll kill them all! We are sworn in the name of steel http://rockerek.hu/