Ensiferum - White Storm On this dawn the colours of the autumn are reflected by a light A light that as been captured for years in oblivion Circles of wind are raging now And so his powers are slowly dying Before the coldness rapes the lands His spirit is wandering into the night... to DIE! ...and he heard chimes ahead playing these enchanted notes, That lead him to a wooden cabin, where he could rest for the night... Over the mountains He had travelled Across the oceans Deep in the night Now when it's time to Say last farewell Show us your power Show us your might Gift from the sky His eyes can see it so clearly now But his restless mind cannot sense it in the air THE WHITE STORM IS CLOSE! ...and his powers gained in this mystical place more than he ever Posessed before. So now he could rule the realms of ice... ONCE AGAIN! http://rockerek.hu/