Faster Pussycat - Loose booty A booty-booty Well here's a story about a floppy romp All in all it seemed so fun You got a rotten bladder and fat can knees That's why she wears plastic sheets Her butt, it drags along the street Now there are no room for me She had the face of a pony if she went on a diet Come on fat bitch, do us truly Nice girl She tried to sit on me Nice girl She's way too fat for me Nice girl That someone dents her teeth Nice girl She tried to squeeze the shakes out of me Loose booty Loose booty Big old lady had a woobly ol' butt You thought that was big, you should've seen her gut Well the bird was a psychic, she waddled She's so big, she's got her own zip code That lady can house a family of four Give me a chimichanga please se