Godsmack - Whiskey hangover (Bonus track) So what if I never wanna be sober? So what if I wanna be numb all the time? I cant justify why I'd wanna go slower Taking my time just ain't my style I walk dead or alive I waste my time whenever I like I'm feelin' OK With my whiskey hangover So what you cleaned your act up so far So what if I'm pissing into the wind again? Have you ever thought that I'm not who you are baby? cuz even when I lose I know how to win again and again So sick of you preaching all the time Just keep your shitty advice inside Cuz Refrain One sip ain't gunna do shit On the 2nd sip I begin to admit That the 3rd one down is what makes me feel alright And number 4 I slam down to the floor By 5 I'm ready to fight all night An then 6, 7, 8 to make me break your face sometimes Cuz Refrain With my whiskey hangover http://rockerek.hu/