Gorod - Eternal Messiah Will you recognize the nature of your roots? Will you find, in the engraved burning stone your personal search? Imagine a profitable prophecy announced monolith of Man's rebirth Hear the messiah's name, as the path to our cult Disown, renounce your mortal life Believe in your father's written works Will you recognize, the brothers who are yours? Will you find, the mangled blood true nature of your existence? Brave the rules, the ones that generated your birth Give the rest of your lifetime, so you'll defend Man's quest for humanity Could you endure, ordeals established by your peers? Will you follow, in the blood written works, your vocation thus revealed? Realize your part of the prophecy Inherent tribute to human race's survival Ensure your lineage As the key to access to your cast Could you fully assume, the role confided to you? Will you follow, the instructions for bringing into play of the project? Let it be engraved in your flesh, the sign of Obsequium Minaris legions Perpatuate your inherited works, then you'll become eternity's prophet Disown, renounce your mortal life And see the saviour Believe in your father's written works Give birth to Adam http://rockerek.hu/