Graveworm - Abandoned By Heaven In the land where the angels fly And the throne of heaven lies Hear the distant echos - enchanted songs Far away in the distant sky I see a flame that burns in the night In the silence of the endless time - I'll ride A howling wind across the sea Turning black the sky and the light Creature of the night - hear them cry As the wolves howls to the night The ruins glows in the dark To the twilightland arrive I sailed the darkened way And another age has come The birth of a new dawn Alone in the forest of shadows Without one path to go I was left alone At the path of my faith Struggling against the wind Walking through deep snow A silent voice in your head Therefore you must die A lightning strikes from the darkened sky A bloodred sign appears in the night The evil has arrives - the ravens flies Surrounded by the screamings of pain The ancient demon of forgotten realm The knights of incubus - seducted by the dark Soon to be entombed in the soil Swept away by the mortal tide The demon has arrived - arise from the sleep The secrets behind the black endless void Fearfull thoughts with hate in his eyes Arrives from the darkened sky Born again in twilight's myth With wings soiled in blood Again his wrath shall rule The genesis of death Rising up from the flames And fight for revenge