Graveworm - Bloodwork [Pre-Chorus] I hear them all again Am I right is this the end? Pictures of chaos and hate Gloomy thoughts in my mind [Chorus] I've chosen my way of life You are no longer mine Imagine being crushed by one Imagine your life being done Dying feelings Bittersweet Bloodwork Burning sadness Deadly sins Bloodwork This feelings that seems to be broken The blood flows, inceting my veins Run deep into the soul of my body An experience to strong for this pain Waiting for chaos, just sliding inside Arrived at the point where's no way back out Awfully screamings piercing the air This is the code for the final time You bend me and you shake me This feelings that just crushed me The name of this confusion Bloodwork disconnection You let me live my anguish The word I hear impossible to find The forces got to wake up Infects them all again You made me feel like a winner One way ride to my inner peace The sickness between the rooms Dancing in the sorrow [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]