Graveworm - Hateful Design Confessions of your mind After thousand days of killing Death was my life and pain where my thoughts Pleasure of the death, there is no regret Boiling in my veins Another death - another lust In my eyes there is something wrong Another life - another soul Nobody gives a damn The plague will unleashed and the race will begun Run for desire for the lust to die The innocent souls and the smell in the air Killing - raping - destroying of souls Watch them cross the line of life Do not feel the pain inside Emotions are gone every breath he takes Take control of their essence of life [Chorus] Bloodred face of lust Take the chance, do it again Screaming out for blood Silence on the overground Calling the death Mortals have ceased to be Motionless stand afraid One more time my hateful design Carnal desires the treasure to survive Watching out for victims, visions of a dying world Screaming bodies surrounded by pain The neverending ritual will always go on Once again - another fight You choose your way to die Another time - another friend Let the show start again! [Chorus] My hateful design