Hatebreed - Spitting Venom – 2:49 Here lies another grudge another score never settled For many who lead a life of resentment Filled with foolish pride, that blinds them Fighting the world but their own progress gets fought Feeble minds, spit their venom at me Reliving their grievances day in, day out Living with all the same that their life has spit out Alone and provoked Your anger is deep and lasting Shamed and enraged Filled with righteous indignation So believe what you may Say what you will I'll spit my venom in the eyes or your world I'll spit my venom in the eyes of your world Anonymity will not last So mock and slander With your empty threats Identity unknown Spineless coward, soon to be revealed, Choose your conflicts Try again and fail, expression of feat From the lies you live You stand to lose now, you always will I am undeterred Spit Spitting Venom http://rockerek.hu/