Hobb`s Angel Of Death - The Journey Enter the centre of the sacred star Demons clutch the reins A journey to the pits of hell, the anti-Christian world Furness burns, bodies, free us from this pain A place of death lies beneath Awaiting our descent In the distance I see the throne Lord Satan takes command impaled corpses around the Crypt, millions of Christians damned I take my vows, I sell my soul, I sit in your left hand I lust to have the powers and the pleasures beyond the grave Journey to the depths of Hell Jesus Christ is not in Heaven But down here where he belongs Crucified in the name of death Hes own father cannot release his soul I'll crucify disbelievers of the blackest arts I'll rip the tongues from their throats The world must learn that the church of Christ must die Fuck to all Christian faith I take the vows, I sit in your left hand Lucifer the prince of darkness the church must die in evil faith Raise, hail Satan http://rockerek.hu/