Ignotus Enthropya - Digital Deception Synthetized the way we're born Taken away all our purity Keeping secrets, hiding the truth They taught us to be the same Synthetized the way we live Taken away our sincerity Keeping distance, forging the truth They took our souls away Mesmerized Hypnotized Deceived We are Without life Without heart We'll never be the same Mesmerized Hypnotized Deceived We are Without a fate We are detained Can't break through their lies Hollow lives we possess Driven by senseless obsessions Too blind to recognize This digital deception We always lived in tyranny Lies formed our world, our galaxy A mortal disease we all inherit Blinded sight, deafened mind The oppression of self Paralizes the spirit Endarkens the remnants Of unique thoughts Conceives the claim Of joint retaliation Surrendering to instincts We are lost In the search of a solution Rationality is extint Unintentional enlightenment Potential has been achieved Synthetized how we wither Taken away all our sanity Secrets revealed, blinded no more We defeat tyranny Awakened Disillusioned We see through deceit Revitalized With firm mind What was lost we regain Purified the way we die Taken back all that we used to own Secrets revealed, blinded no more We're prisoners no more! http://rockerek.hu/