Infernal Majesty - Power Intrusion Sky clad within the circle, await the sign, commencing The evocation of the damned The tides find your favour, they guide your will, now recruting Invocation for the damned Timeless elements, forbidden truths, behold the key Unlock the power to your command Appear into your minds eye, your enemy Transforming into your helpless prey Each word every action, designed to now destroy Your will is now the only law Drink dead of the chalice, sacrificial blood, fathering deaths Sweet conception now at hand Spiral fire climbs into the night, feeding darkness Perpetually it grows and gains Finding deaths flavour, I smile to you Outside you, inside you, creature of doom Your pain is my pleasure I hunger for more Viewing disaster in the eye of the storm By your own choice you drink from the cup Filled with the nectars of my pain Screams of terror cannot escape Contorted features out of their shape Lying still, could death asunder Your body heaves convulsive shudders Lead: Hallman Death fucks life, obscene collision Faceless mouths feeding on you You shall die, and have died, and are dying Conjured death,stalking, attacking Corrupted, diseased, eternal wakened state of rigor mortis As I will, so shall it be