Infernal Majesty - Roman Song Formed, in ancient Rome, violent, age of steel Man's, brutality, found new depths of pleasure Slaves, captured in raging battles, forced, to fight, till the death Senseless, brutal show of strength, immoral side of man Fight, for your life, Fight, till the death! Vile, sadistic games, elate, heartless souls Roman, way of life, savour, a human sacrifice Prisoners, could die by the sword, or live their lives in shame Treacherous, murderous, thieves, helpless feast for the lions Fight, for your life, Fight, till the death! Refusal, to worship, the Gods, of the Roman State Civil, disobedience, quickly, ends your life Dying on display before thousands, their death will please tonight Latin, spectacle of violence, Rome's malevolent society They stand, alone, in the ring, with sword, in hand Preparing, to fight for their lives, to fight till the death, to die for Rome's pleasure With blood, on their hands, a friend, lies bleeding before God Impaled, sword plunged through their chest, hacked and mangled Dragged through the death gates to hell! Warriors on parade engaged in vicious Roman games Fascinate imperial sovereignty Entertainment for their sick and twisted vile pleasure Two hundred years before Christ had walked this earth Rome displaying it's violent nature Falling as a civilization Never to return again