Infernal Majesty - The Art of War Silently they wait the stage has now been set fostering the truth hiding in the shadows of distant wars fought on these tortured foreign lands time will stand still as the moment comes to rise unleashing such a hell the scene defies description assesment of the stength of their wavering front line catastrophe back lasth deployment of the troops blitzkreig victory Flanking from the left demobilize the main wave chaos now employed causing confusion down through the ranks communication faliing battle wary solders delierium setting in reserves all destroyed deliverance now at hand superiority the enemy quickly falls on their knees begging for mercy time now stands still Incursion assault under shadowy skies irruption violently taking their lives invasions encircle and take by surprise intrusion watching them die Deception the Art of War constantly fucking with their minds pathetically soldiers give their lives frantically you'll hear thei battle cries aggression the art of war dismembered bodies woven through their minds insanity overtaking me overwhelmed by systematic death Deception the art of war advancing armies breaking thorugh the lines killing fields sown with crippled souls the art of war