Infernal Majesty - Those about to Die Two sixty four B.C., blood thirsty age of steel The atrocities of man, found new depths of pleasure Slaves captured in raging battles, forced to fight to the death Senseless brutal show of strength, the darkest side of man Fight for your life...fight for your life Lead: Terror Sadistic games to amuse the minds of shallow souls The Roman way of life, enjoying a human sacrifice Prisoners could die by the sword or live a life of shame Treasonists, murderers and thieves, sent face to face with the lions Refusal to worship the Gods of the Roman State Would certainly end your life After Jerusalems defeat, Jews were forced to fight Seventeen years and older found themselves in the ring No compassion to be found for those puppets on a string Fight: for you life Pray: for you soul Now: You must fight till the death Now: fight for your next breath Fight: for your freedom Pray: for tomorrow Now: supreme test of strength Now: only the strong will survive Parading through the Collisium, Warriors prepare to fight Those about to die salute you, blood will flow tonight One versus one, man against man, the instinct of survival Victory held for one, the dead are spared their shame Courage gives away to the last moment Fears subdued with whips and chains Refer the plea to the people, beg for mercy is part of the game Thumbs down signals eternal rest, dragged through the death gates Defeated man finds lifeless peace but no remorse for his victim