Infernal Majesty - Unholier Than Thou Stand, stand before me, I am He Worship, worship me, my People's Temple Beg, beg for an ending, from this life Curse, curse the wicked, for your pain Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray to me Die, die, die, die As a freedom fighter Unholier than thou, as I speak, of the word, of the lord A man preaching God, to the throngs, of the people, fell below Take the lives of my follower's let them know that their lives are in my hand Unholier than thou, thou shall drink, drink deep, of the cup Question, question my, sanity Condemn, condemn the actions, of my life Console, console the families, for their loss Escape, escape this world, and all it's pain Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray for Dad Die, die, die, die As a freedom fighter Unholier that thou as I play, the role, that of God Follow me my people's temple, enjoying all I see, heavens earth Watch me as I heal the sick, watch me as I take your life Unholier than thou, I am, the answer to your prayers Feel, the presence of God, waiting for your first and final meeting Accept, your new and final fate, converge together on the other side Drink deep of the fatal potion, women and the young begin first Sorry, it's your only way out, we've finally past the point of no return Watching you lie there, writhing in pain, confusion, it burns in your eyes You can't contemplate, the statement we've made, its impact will scar and defy These years in Guyana, will not be forgot, the carnage will stick in their minds The world mesmerized, in shock they look on, with horror they sift through the lies Place the gun to my head, find peace and solitude I'll take my own life, a cause, I thought to be true Nine hundred dead, the world must know why Such death and destruction, such a waste of human life White, Night, our infamous, mass suicide Years from now they still will wonder, why, did it have to end this way