Infernal Majesty - What`s What Your little world explodes to bits in technicolour red Carnivorous passion, merciless lust, vulgar orgy of death Suburban nightmare, primal scream, psychotic wet dream Destruction in the first degree feels so good inside of me They tried to break and cage me, castrate and control I've been damned and I've been damaged, smiling faces cursing me Your only hope you shall not find, for it lays choking in your mind So there you are, not quite there, shell shocked in a daze Damaged now beyond repair, nothing can clear the haze The little child in my soul pounded to submission Life ain't always like it looked on television What's what?...I don't know Everywhere dreams crashing down, your life is lost and can't be found What you thought you knew, you still don't know You just don't know... what's what When your little world starts spinning around What you thought was up was underground Hunted hunters want your blood, and you don't know... what's what Safe within without a clue, your womb of life is now your tomb Evidence of evil never seen, the life you led was just a dream See no exits find no escapes, yesterday was much to late Insane splashes in my brain, splintered by a toxic blade Your every single panicked scream, is trampled under foot Realities your blackest dream, your drowning in fears flood Life is fleeing fast from you, but you never thought it could You know the price that you must pay You know my life is now your grave Lead: Terror Your pathetic life is now bewedding death, death becomes you Lead: Hallman Now it's time to pay the final price, revenge is mine Lead: Terror Kiss of life, caress of death, you'll beg for either in the end Mind ripping laughter serenades your pain, drives you insane Your pleas of mercy go unheard, make me high Lead: Hallman The only comfort in your tiny mind, soon you'll die Lead: Terror Now I know how it is, tell ya how it is Now I'm gonna tell ya what's what Now it's time to pay, pay the final price Your time has come, it's time to die