King Crimson - Elephant Talk Talk, it's only talk Arguments, agreements, advice, answers, Articulate announcements It's only talk Talk, it's only talk Babble, burble, banter, bicker bicker bicker Brouhaha, balderdash, ballyhoo It's only talk Back talk Talk talk talk, it's only talk Comments, cliches, commentary, controversy Chatter, chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat, Conversation, contradiction, criticism It's only talk Cheap talk Talk, talk, it's only talk Debates, discussions These are words with a D this time Dialog, duologue, diatribe, Dissention, declamation Double talk, double talk Talk, talk, it's all talk Too much talk Small talk Talk that trash Expressions, editorials, explanations, exclamations, exaggerations It's all talk Elephant talk, elephant talk, elephant talk