Moonblood - ...and the Snow Covered Lifeless Bodies The moon goes its way in the northern sky Anxious it circles over the horizon Frost-pregnant winds push it In front of themselves The night has thrown it's veil over the land Birds are filling fast te dark sky Their huge dark wings wide stretched Gliding silently through the night The snow falls slightly and peacefully Evaporates when it's touching my skin I see a light whizzing fast the sky A shooting star My black heart beats faster Out of pleasure, out of fear I don't know The weapons died away Flames beat high into the sky Fog comes down The field saturated with blood With the blood of our enemies Hail - To you, it was a good battle Hail to our enemies Bloodsmeared blades Smashed armours everywhere The death was riding with us Side by side we have fought The Power of darkness were with us ...And snow covered the lifeless bodies