Moonblood - Bells of Apocalypse A Frost-Pregnant Night Is Broken On And Twelve Times Beat The Bell The Hour Of The Antichrist Is Coming And The Moon Sets Free It's Spell Cold And Frosty Winds Are Blowing And Out Of The Earth Beating Infernal Flames Burning All Scum Of Humanity Burning All The Christian Shame And Like A Warhorde We're Running Through The Flames Killing All, Merciless And Fast Death And Destruction Is The New Law We're On The Way To The Forgotten Past And Under The Veil Of Destruction We Hail The Apocalypse And With A Powerful Beating They're Singing The Bells Of Apocalypse And The Coldness In Our Hearts Is Unbearable And The Bells Of Destruction Ring Under The Spell Of Hate We're Marching Under The Bells Of Apocalypse