Moonblood - I Hail the Night I see the dark clouds Which are ruling this night of doom Roaming slowly through the dark And I see the birds of night Their cries are painful Their wings are beautiful black and large And I see the moon with its cold eyes And I see the stars in their pride And I send my hails out into the darkness Send my hails to the night And a lustful feeling satisfies my soul Dark thoughts roaming through my mind Thoughts of destruction, thoughts of perversion Can never the answer find The light is my enemy In lustful ecstasy I hail the other side I hail the night And my ways goes through the forest of lost souls Through the forest of nocturnal hate And I lost my soul in these diabolical areas And the path is darkened by a shade I never want to reach the Heaven Never want to serve the side of light My life was dedicated to the power of the moon And my thoughts are filled with the unholy might I've reached my goal, found my place Here I wanna die Among these trees should be my grave Here I wanny lie