Moonblood - My Evil Soul Blackness Surrounds Me With The Eyes Of Dead It Stares At Me Its Dark Claws Reach For Me My Body Struggles Against But My Evil Soul Will Go With It But I Am Still Strong Enough To Hold It My Mind Is Strong A Northern Breeze Breathes At Me With Its Icy Wings It Want To Kidnap Me But My Body Fights Against It Only My Dark Soul Wants To Go With It On A Journey Through Shady Countries An All - Devouring Fire Surrounds Me Its Flames Want To Embrace Me But My Body Objects Only My Dark Soul Is Prepared To Unite With The Eternal Fire Demons Come And Flatter Me They Want To Take Me Into The Empire Of The Eternal Darkness With Sweet Words They Try To Persuade Me My Mind And My Body Don't Want To Permit But My Evil Soul Wants To Go With Them It Has Become Stronger Than Before Slowly It Escapes From My Body Slowly The Life Fades Away With It Fades Away From My Body It Goes On A Journey