Mudvayne - A New Game Longer Inside me The doe is rising To clench us to kill Lusting Your nothing but you know me Stand against your will To satisfy me Bit by victim Stealth is me ... Sature me Say all the right things Just come with me (Lets go for a ride) [Chorus] Trust me, don't leave me, don't be so deceiving, god help me betray me, the bloodlust and beating Just wanna play Just wanna play A new game The hunter is in me The doe is searching Dash for the kill Abducted Take away Search for the patience Of 1000 men Peel my eyes Lock on target The covert man (You never had a chance) Don't be alarmed Want some candy? Just ride over here (Now Get Inside) [Chorus] A new... I just wanna play (Just wanna play) I just wanna play a Game A new game You meant everythin to me (You know your time has come) Another broken dawn today (You know your time has come) [x2] I just wanna play (I just wanna play) I just wanna play a Game (Just want to play a game) One that you've never played before (Never Before) One that you'll never play again I'm sure [x5 (1st time has no backing)]