Naglfar - 12`th Rising The veil of nocturnal beauty Drowns the daylight flames And so IT broods beyond the depths of the horizon never seen by the eyes of man Awakened by the twilight's kiss The nightly rebirth of evil The paleness ITself has risen From IT's slumber to reach out in IT's full shape (CHORUS) The midnight strikes again The wicked ones has returned December rises the damnation Like a black burning dagger IT ripps the sky Heaven weeps so feeble, as IT glows Sunset has brought this shadowcast Sunset brings the sign Which causes the final summoning of ravens, serpents and even the owls The choir of wolves echoes, the eclipse is now complete Thousands of throats is howling to praise IT's supreme infernal glare "Scarletburn... Evening mist... Stormwinds of death come forth!" The gathering of nightfall's beings impaled the morning grace The dawn lies raped, shredded and strangled and so does the afternoon Light's erased, and with the darkness IT lurks smiling, glowing so proud... (REPEAT CHORUS)