Naglfar - Devoured By Naglfar Skin, torn from the flesh of the petrified Drenched by death and absorbed by its coagulating wood When the final nails falls into its place and the devil stands by the helm Then, the howling winds of damnation shall whine... Everywhere sounds the moanings from countless burning souls Screaming in hate and pain, prepared to row into the final flames As if shredding the sky, the mast reaches high...impaling the clouds Raised is the flag of war, onwards to hel Onwards to hel! The world implodes in a sphere of chaos As naglfar devours us all, we're facing the eye of ragnarok Stormwinds wail, man has failed Through the scorching flames of destruction we sail Apocalyptic signs fulfilled in this holocaust tale See the fires in fenris' eyes The seas now churns as the serpent writhes The fate of midgard sealed with the stench of the funeral pyres The sail is set for the south, leaving a world in havoc behind And the dragonhead's eyes spies after the very last land to extinct The bonecovered prem splits the bloodfilled waves, And the keel crushes the untouched shore with its rage The world implodes in a sphere of chaos As naglfar devours you all, face now the eye of ragnarok