Naglfar - None Shall Be Spared ... It has begun... For far too long we have accepted their ways The time has come for us to retaliate Prey upon the worthless erase them from the eart Their unborn shall be ripped out from their wombs and stomped into the dirt In the cold morning breeze, the stench of misanthropy Their fallen shall be scattered for the vultures to feed They shall be taught the fiercest lessons of war And in the end they shall breathe fornevermore We, the bringers of Armageddon Embodied in unholy grace Filled with retribution and murderous rage Like an ironclad fist smashed into your god's face No forgiveness granted, none shall be spared Wading knee-deep through your blood Encouraged by the sound of rendering flesh None shall be spared! A reign of fools now ended Two thousand years of lies Our hordes now rejoice in triumph as the sun erupts and dies We preyed upon the worthless We erased them from the earth With salt we cleansed their tainted soil To forever remove their curse