Naglfar - Way of the Rope With each single breath, I pray for death I curse my day of birth, I hate this stinking earth I walk the path of self-destruction Just like your worthless kind, I too was blind But now that I'm awake, this world fills me with hate I've cast aside all false illusions No more a servent nor a puppet on strings The time has come for rebellion This burden has far too long weighed heavy on me Release my soul through a rope and a tree With each step of mine, I cross the line Into where light is dark, and death is the spark That ignites my satisfaction Oh to enter the sweetness of oblivion [Chorus] Dark is the path that I wander I curse your prophets, these proclaimers of hope My mind is set, I am finally free I shun this mortal coil and choose the way of the rope On this my final day, I walk away My body hanging cold All hail the gallow's pole The rope entwined brings me salvation