Nocturnus - Subterranean Infiltrator Release me from the sky onto marsh domains Expose the parachute to Ease - the - vicious fall Unseen by those below Preying on their blindsights Shadows dance About - the - jungle bog Agent of espionage Bearing north of the peninsular Invitation to lay clear Think - over - the strategy Advance into forbidden marsh scope all in the infrared Create offensive Resistance - from the - river banks searching, stalking, Mustard gas, released Enter smokescreen Dodging lasers sailing through the smoke and debris Tracking hidden fortress sighted under ground entrance found Begin clearing operations Thermal scan revealing activity Entering the concealed passage corridors extend beneath the surface Maneuvering through the radar - beams - alarm reaction Progression is slow under canister discharge targets locked at the ends of the turns Awaiting any enemy to approach - infrared - identification once inside the target's range seize the moment by squeezing the trigger Single lead injection intentions to wound - not to kill yet Movement gives away strategic position A regiment responds to the action Trip wire set, suckered into the trap They lay decapitated Explosions under ground send shrapnel throughout the air Metal fragments lodge beneath heavy military uniform Excruciating pain dealt with bandage cuts circulation Limping severely mission must be accomplished Moving quickly towards goal Stealth the key Clear path to achieve lethal detonation Flares of weapons burst in synch Give way delay charge Chemical timers are now set Once on the surface reconnaissance picks him up on the scope Subterranean specialist Looks down below as the mountain lies in rubble